Maternity Photography Central Coast

"Pregnancy is like the beginning of all things: Wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities…"

Being pregnant is one of the most wondrous times in a woman's life. Feeling those little kicks and movements for the first time. There's no bigger miracle than growing a new life inside of you. You're about to meet the love of your life. The one person that will teach you what true love is! I will capture your beautiful glow in one of my stunning designer gowns of your choice. The best time for your maternity photography session is when you're between 30-36 weeks pregnant. These maternity photo sessions are captured either during sunrise or during golden hour which is one hour before sunset to capture that gorgeous golden light. Maternity portraits can be on one of the many stunning locations our Central Coast has to offer like the beach, bush, waterfalls or grassland or they can be studio fine art sessions in my Narara studio.

My maternity milk baths are also very popular. I use real milk and real flowers which will make you feel like an Egyptian goddess - as you should!

I'm an award winning newborn photographer and offer maternity and newborn photography bundles if you book in for both - ask me how!

Maternity open field, long grass
Maternity Photography - Backlight Wings and Wonders Photography
Maternity Milk Bath - Wings and Wonders Photography
Maternity - Mummy and daughter Central Coast
Maternity blue gown - Narara Central Coast
Maternity Photography - Studio Wings and Wonders Photography
Maternity Wings and Wonders - long grass
Wings and Wonders Photography - Studio Maternity Red gown
Maternity Red gown, Narara Park, Wings and Wonders Photography
Wamberal Beach Maternity Wings and Wonders Photography
Maternity milk bath white gown Narara, Wings and Wonders Photography
Narara Park Maternity - Wings and Wonders Photography